Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dan!

Happy 25th birthday to my wonderful husband! He is such a great husband and takes such good care of Cayden & I! Im so happy he is MINE!!!

Yesterday was a fun day, we went shopping! We got Cayden a couple things and Dan got a game for his XBOX360 with some of his birthday money. We also went and ate dinner with Dan's mom at New China. It was fun and Cayden really loves her!

Well last night i just couldnt fall asleep. I watched tv until 7am this morning and then went into bed. I fell asleep right away. Dan got up with Cayden and let me sleep til 12:30 even though its his birthday. So sweet!

Tonight we are going to dinner with some of Dan's friends at Texas Roadhouse...Dan picked the resturaunt of course! So that will be fun & I'll post some pictures tomorrow!

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