Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our First Entry--Getting To Know The Davis Family!

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog entry so I'll tell you a little about our family & our life.

Dan and I met when i was 16 years old, our first date was July 5, 2004. We dated for 3 years and got married on August 4, 2007. I went to beauty college and was just finishing up when we got married. When i did finish i was about 2 months pregnant with our son, Cayden. That is when i started staying home, and have been staying home ever since.

Our son Cayden was born on February 19, 2008. He is now a beautiful, bouncing 19 month old. He is so happy and healthy and we are all very blessed.

As a family we do lots of things together: go out to eat, play, take Cayden to museums & the zoo, watch tv and just hang out. We love to take Cayden lots of places, and do lots of playdates. He loves to run around and have fun!

Well I will keep this blog updated on our day to day, and i look forward to sharing it with all my friends & family!

<3 Rebekka

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